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User Number: 086669
Date Created:08/15/2004
Number of Posts: 156

Zule is a bassoon ninja who feels like an occasional rant or writing that usually makes no sense. She often talks to herself only to realize that others have read what she has written. She enjoys band much, hence her bassoon ninja abilities.
Strengths: She is very determined in most tasks and is a leader when needed.
Weaknesses: Geometry and tall skinny guys with blond hair and blue/green eyes.
Special Skills: Band Geek, multi sectional, is for sax appeal, and beginning ninja skills
Weapons: Shurieken, Katana or gun blade. Or if band war her instruments of choice are the wooden bassoon and tenor saxophone and now marching euphonium
Motto: "Everyone is a weirdo, it is how they express their weirdness that truly defines them"

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This is a place where I talk to myself. Others read through most of the time and sometimes comment.
For who I actually am well I’m in college(finally), I love band and that’s about all.

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